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Christopher Locke


These are a slightly larger style of safety glasses that offer more protection.







Smoke (Black)






Smoke Mirror



Light Brown



Light Blue



All colors also available as

floating sunglasses!

Floating Clear



Floating Yellow



Floating Smoke



Floating Amber



Floating Mirror



Floating Light Brown



Floating Light Blue



These aren't your average looking Safety Glasses huh?!  OSHA approved as Safety glasses, H-Bombs are made of impact resistant polycarbonate and meet or exceed the ANSI Z87.1 standards.

Lightweight and great fitting, H-Bombs are larger than X-Bombs and A-Bombs but without the floating foam padding.

H-Bombs also block out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays (even the clear), so not only do you get the very best in eye protection, but you look great, too!

H-Bombs are available in the following colors: clear, light brown, yellow, light blue, black, amber, and mirror.

Clear - For indoor applications where impact protection is wanted and/or required.  Won't distort colors.

Smoke (Black) - Transmits all colors evenly without changing value of color.  Light enough not to impair vision, yet dark enough to provide overall protection from glare.

Smoke Mirror  - For outdoor applications where glare can cause eye strain and fatigue.  Transmits colors evenly.  Ultimate protection against strong reflective glare.

Light Blue - For work areas with high levels of yellow light.  Glare reduction in bright light and sharpness detail in green-blue background.

Yellow - Offer high contrast necessary in high speed water sports.  Best for low light where maximum enhancement is needed.

Amber - For low light applications in which contrast my be enhanced.  High visual definition and glare reduction bright light conditions.  Details are sharpest.

Light Brown - True color transmission with medium contrast.

These Bomber Glasses are Extreme! Designed by Pro Personal Watercraft racer Tommy "The Bomber" Bonacci, these awesome, sleek, floating, wrap-around sunglasses are perfect for almost ANY sport or job where eye protection is a concern. Anyone who requires eye protection will love to wear these lightweight, comfortable glasses while maintaining a stylish appearance. Bomber safety glasses and sunglasses are ideal for fishing, jet skiing, boating, skiing, wake boarding, snow boarding, surfing, construction work, yard maintenance, hobbies, crafts, industrial work, wood shop, any indoor or outdoor work or play that requires eye safety and protection! Safety glasses styles include X-bombs, A-Bombs, Butter-Bombs, E-Bombs, Fuzz-Bombs, G-Bombs, H-Bombs, Sake-Bombs, Stink-Bombs, Z-Bombs, and Time-BombsFloating Sunglasses styles include A-Bombs, Butter-Bombs, Cherry Bombs, Fuzz-Bombs, G-Bombs, Gomer-Bombs, H-Bombs, Irie-Bombs, Sake-Bombs, Stink-Bombs, Sugar-Bombs, T-Bombs, Time-Bombs, James Bombs, Rocco-Bombs, D-Bombs, K-Bombs, and B-52'sPolarized styles available include the B-52's, Butter-Bombs, Cherry Bombs, Fuzz-Bombs, Gomer-Bombs, Irie-Bombs, Rocco-Bombs, Sake-Bombs, Stink-Bombs, Sugar-Bombs, D-Bombs, and James Bombs. Please check back for new styles, sales and specials! Click for Bomber Inc.

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