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Bomber Polarized

Bomber Safety Glasses on Sale Now! All orders placed today receive FREE SHIPPING!

Welcome to Hadleys Industries, Premier official distributor website (since 2004) for Bomber Sunglasses,

Floating Sunglasses, Polarized Floating Sunglasses and Safety Glasses.

Order today and get FREE SHIPPING and get a free cord or bag with every order of two or more pair!


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First Class Shipping on all orders &


Bomber Cord

with any order of two or more pair!


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Cords, racks, hats, tshirts, bags, boxes and more for your new Bomber Glasses


Customer Comments:

"Awesome customer service, product was perfect... thanks. Will do business again"

"I love these. Thanks so much. Wish I found bombers years ago..."

"Fantastic Glasses!! Super fast delivery!!"

"Excellent, friendly service and speedy delivery. Very impressed, recommended to all."


"I recently ordered glasses from you and received them immediately.  I am very satisfied with the quality of the product, price and service.  Thank you very much.  I will continue to order any sunglasses and safety glasses I may need in the future as well as recommend you to friends.  Once again thank you for the excellent product and extremely good service."
Christopher Locke


We have many styles of Bomber Polarized Sunglasses - and of course, they all float!  All Bomber Polarized Floating Sunglasses are $32.95 per pair (some are on sale!).  Free First Class Shipping on all orders.  Order two pair and get a free Bomber Microfiber Bag.  Order six or more pair and get FREE Priority Mail Shipping.

B-52's Floating Polarized Sunglasses

Extreme sports eye protection...

Available in black with smoke lens, Tortoise with amber lens, crystal green with smoke lens and crystal clear with smoke lens... only $32.95

Bomber Floating Gbomb Clear


Butter-Bombs Floating Safety Glasses

Stylish safety glasses that float!... starting at $44.95, available in polarized, too!


Cherry Bombs Cool Floating Sunglasses

Stylin' floating sunglasses, new sleek design... Available in five polarized colors including black, tortoise, clear, blue and green frames... only $32.95


D-Bombs New Floating Sunglasses

The D-Bombs Floating Sunglasses are a brand new sleek design.  Available in a variety of colors... $32.95

Bomber Floating Gbomb Clear

Fuzz-Bombs Floating Safety Glasses

Stylish safety glasses that float!... starting at $44.95

Bomber Floating Gbomb Clear

Gomer-Bombs Floating Glasses

Stylish safety glasses that float!... starting at $44.95

Bomber Floating Gbomb Clear

Irie-Bombs Floating Glasses

Stylish safety glasses that float!... starting at $44.95


James Bombs Floating Sunglasses

The name says it all!  Available in black and tortoise frames... $33.95


Rocco-Bombs New Floating Sunglasses

2-tone smoke polarized... $33.95

Bomber Floating Gbomb Clear

Sake-Bomb Floating Safety Glasses

Stylish safety glasses that float!.... starting at $44.95

Stink Bomb

Stink-Bombs Floating Safety Sunglasses

Stylish safety glasses that float!... Black, Tortoise, White and Sand Camo Frames starting at $35.95, available in polarized, too!

Sugar Bombs


Sugar-Bombs Floating Sunglasses

Be the first to own new Bomber Sugar-Bombs Sunglasses... Black, Tortoise and White Frames starting at $35.95


Customers that benefit most from polarized sunglasses include boaters, fisherman, skiers, golfers, bikers, joggers, truckers and drivers who enjoy a clearer view and elimination of glare.

These sunglasses can be used for driving and can reduce the glare that comes off long, flat surfaces such as a car hood or the road surface.  Polarized sunglasses can also be used indoors by light-sensitive people such as post-cataract surgery patients or by those exposed to bright light through windows.

See the difference polarized lenses make:

Regular Lenses

Polarized Lenses


Also check out our regular Bomber Floating Sunglasses and Cool Bomber Safety Glasses!

These Bomber Glasses are Extreme! Designed by Pro Personal Watercraft racer Tommy "The Bomber" Bonacci, these awesome, sleek, floating, wrap-around sunglasses are perfect for almost ANY sport or job where eye protection is a concern. Anyone who requires eye protection will love to wear these lightweight, comfortable glasses while maintaining a stylish appearance. Bomber safety glasses and sunglasses are ideal for fishing, jet skiing, boating, skiing, wake boarding, snow boarding, surfing, construction work, yard maintenance, hobbies, crafts, industrial work, wood shop, any indoor or outdoor work or play that requires eye safety and protection! Safety glasses styles include X-bombs, A-Bombs, Butter-Bombs, E-Bombs, Fuzz-Bombs, G-Bombs, H-Bombs, Sake-Bombs, Stink-Bombs, Z-Bombs, and Time-BombsFloating Sunglasses styles include A-Bombs, Butter-Bombs, Cherry Bombs, Fuzz-Bombs, G-Bombs, Gomer-Bombs, H-Bombs, Irie-Bombs, Sake-Bombs, Stink-Bombs, Sugar-Bombs, T-Bombs, Time-Bombs, James Bombs, Rocco-Bombs, D-Bombs, K-Bombs, and B-52'sPolarized styles available include the B-52's, Butter-Bombs, Cherry Bombs, Fuzz-Bombs, Gomer-Bombs, Irie-Bombs, Rocco-Bombs, Sake-Bombs, Stink-Bombs, Sugar-Bombs, D-Bombs, and James Bombs. Please check back for new styles, sales and specials! Click for Bomber Inc.

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